So Bowtie-ful!

I am so excited and thrilled to share the latest jewelry pieces recently added to my ever-expanding accessory collection! As you may already know, I’m kind of an accessory addict so when JeannieRichard introduced me to their line, I was pretty much stoked.

I first debuted my new bowtie ring/bracelet duo in the post, House Hunting 1 (the first post of a mini-series where I take you inside our house hunting adventure!).

Here’s a closer look at these bowtie-ful beauties and a bit about the story behind the brand.

bowMy bowtie outfit! It has been raining on and off all day and as soon as we went out, the sun began to peep through. Talk about perfect timing!

bow5These are so modern, chic, yet classic! Just rightfully me.

jeannie richard3The creators behind the brand is a wife & husband tandem, Jeannie & Richard. Here’s their story:

She loves tea, he loves coffee.
She loves sea, he loves mountains.
She keeps curtains open, he keeps them closed.
She loves him, and he loves her.

Both with creative backgrounds, J&R started embarking in a new journey of jewelry design in the summer of 2011. Their creations are distinctly modern yet classic and trendy. All their pieces have been made with meaning and love!

bow3Thanks J&R for sending me these fabulous pieces all the way from Singapore!


bow8And I just couldn’t do a bowtie accessory post w/o busting out my bowtie belt and a bow-tied blouse!


bow6Are you a fan of high-low skirts?

Below are some of my favorite choices from J&R. Make sure to check them out as they are having their spring cleaning 40% off sale event! Click on image below to go their site. SHOP ON.

jeannie richard2

bow7Have a Fabulously Fashionable Friday!

blouse H&M / skirt&belt Charlotte Russe / boots Boutique 9 / sunnies Oscar de la Renta


27 thoughts on “So Bowtie-ful!

  1. Love your style love the skirt and yes those cuty jewelery are awesome! Anyway love your fashion photo and the tone of it! Well done! Where did you buy those cute umbrella? Can’t stop staring it


  2. Loving the low high trend! I have tow dresses with this hem line for the spring/summer. They are great for those of us who are a little more *cough* well endowed in the behind. I can show some leg in the front with out fear of exposing myself in the back! ha!


  3. Reblogged this on JeannieRichard and commented:
    Check out Kellie of Le Zoe Musing’s feature post of us!
    We are extremely tickled by her title, ‘So Bowtie-ful’!
    Yes, we are talking in exclamations!
    Go to her post now, we love it!
    And do drop your comment too ~ XO!!


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