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Creative Workspaces

Do you have an inspiring workspace? I think creating a work area that’s your zen space is important, whatever style that would be. Who says that our bedrooms should be our only sanctuaries?

Wouldn’t it be nice to work and get lost in some of the spaces below? A round up from my Pinterest board, Workspace

click on image for source. 




workspace4workspace5workspace6workspace7I hope this has inspired you to design a work area where you can think, imagine, and create!

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Have a good day!



  1. Gone are the days were a workplace is just a workplace hey! Your space should pull you there and keep you there! Great post x


  2. All great spaces! And that light in the last one… I just used it in a client’s home and everyone loves it! What a great piece!


  3. Donna Cowden

    Ahhhhh-moments and inspiring work spaces! Thanks for the ideas.


  4. I completely agree, with everything that you just said. I’m looking for ideas on what I can do to my workplace. thank you so much for sharing. 😀


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