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I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not posting more frequently.  Basically, by the time I put Zoey down for the night, I am thoroughly spent. I’ll blame it on the pregnancy!

Anyhow, I stumbled on this site called and saw some of the most amazing decor pieces. Here are a few items that are officially on my wishlist. We do have over 4K of space to fill up. Ah- the joy of decorating a newly moved-in dream space! 

picAren’t these so amazing?!

On a side note, I’m so excited that tomorrow’s Friday! Not that I have any great weekend plans (my life isn’t that exciting)

Good night world.



  1. omg that couch! love is the only word for it. Oh to not be a broke artist…I have a studio! It is called the second bedroom in our rental suite


  2. I’m certain you’re tired at night! Busy mom and wife. The ghost chair is also sold at Ikea. I have it and it’s perfect! It goes so well with my glass computer work station.


  3. Hi dear, don’t be disappointed on yourself! working full time and being pregnant I think that is already a handful! 🙂 You are doing a great work anyways and you are always inspiring us! xx


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