A Quick Hello!

It is FREEZING here in Boston! Just wanted to share some quick snaps at the office today…starting the morning off w/ peppermint tea, sportin’ hot coral nails (I’m ready for Spring!) and rockin’ warm red boots. Gotta keep them toes toasty!

helloFor all you beauty junkies, here’s a discount to shop on our site Gloss48. Enjoy!

lezoe code


9 thoughts on “A Quick Hello!

  1. 🙂 !! I love these pics! And you’re amazing attitude about winter! Mine has really started to plummet lately. I’m just going to wrap myself in giant pieces of fleece until April! LOL xo


  2. Kelly, I love your blogs they are always very visually appealing and fun. I was wondering something about gloss48, are there any plans to make products available to beauty lovers in Canada? Thanks


    1. Hi Mandi- Thanks for your comment! Being able to ship to Canada is one of our top priorities. We are working hard to push this through and hopefully will happen soon! Have a wonderful day! Kellie


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