Naked Cakes

I am so in love with this ‘naked cake’ type of wedding cake decoration. It’s basically almost like an unfinished cake with the frosting not completely covering the entire cake. The end result is something sort of rustic, organic, and whimsical. You get to see all of the elements be it the fillings, flowers, or berries. Everything is out there being vulnerable just like the heart when it’s ready to fall in love.

Below is a collection of 21 absolutely gorgeous naked cakes taken from my Pinterest board, Cakes.

Ruffled - photo by -

Ruffled - photo by -

1. via


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cake 3

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chocolate cake

4. via

cake 4

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6. via

Purple Ombre butterfly cakes

7. via

cake in a glass cake stand

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9. via


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naked cake

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naked cake2

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14. via


15. via

naked cake3

16. via

cake 5

17. via

naked cake 3

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naked cake4

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naked cake5

20. via

naked cake6

21. via

What do you think about naked wedding cakes? This makes me think that I can create one gorgeous cake since it doesn’t have to be perfectly frosted. Hmmm…maybe it’ll be my next project?! Zoey’s birthday is coming up.

Also, which one absolutely takes your breath away? Please share! For more cake inspirations, please follow my Pinterest board, Cakes- HERE.

Happy Sunday.

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23 thoughts on “Naked Cakes

  1. What a superb idea. Got to be No 9 for me…white marbled effect with little random splashes of red raspberries. Just perfect. Love the unfinished rustic effect. Icing and fondant can be just too much and too sweet…these have real character! Real down to earth, no nonsense, no secrets kind of cakes!


  2. I think naked cakes are beautiful. I have one question for anyone who might know, is the cake drying out a big problem with naked cakes? How would you store it after you have finished it and before taking it to the venue? How long would you expect a naked cake to last for?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  3. These cakes are absolutely beautiful! It’s only Monday morning and you’ve got us thinking about yummy cake 🙂


  4. I’ve found frosting and fondant to be distracting from what is the base of a cake (and sometimes even hiding a mediocre cake) so this is a wonderful post indeed.

    I specially love the cake with the reindeers and the one with the butterflies and the one with the melting chocolate. Gorgeous!


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