Fruit Tarts Under 30 Minutes

Don’t let this post fool you in thinking that I’m a master baker. In fact, I’m not one by any stretch of the imagination. I made these fruit tarts because I was pinning all these yummy tarts onto my Pinterest board, Desserts, and thought that I can conquer the baking world (well, not exactly…). The amazing thing about Pinterest is that it made me believe.

Another disclosure? This is my FIRST time making these tarts. I was thinking, if it turns out great, I’ll share. If not, oh well! It turned out pretty OK. Not perfect. Practice makes perfect right? However, there are a few things that I would do differently the second time around which I’ll share.

So ladies and gents, please enjoy my first ever Fruit Tarts (under 30 minutes!)

Fruit Tart by Le Zoe Musings

Ingredients: Puff Pastry (I only used one sheet), loads of fruit variety, fig jam (may substitute with your favorite jam), egg (for the egg wash), mint leaves and powder sugar for garnish (to make it look fancy!).

Fruit Tart by Le Zoe Musings 5

I bought this baking pan about two years ago and never used it once. I like that it has a divider which in this case was perfect. I was able to make two varieties. One side with fruits and the other with just berries. See hunnie! My hoarding tendencies don’t go to waste!

First side consists of apricots, kiwi, and mango slices.

Fruit Tart by Le Zoe Musings 4

Second side consists of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Fruit Tart by Le Zoe Musings 3

Here’s how:

Fruit Tart Steps

So if I can do this, you definitely can! Some stuff that I’ve learned this time: trim the edges a little neater (this will probably make it look rounder) and don’t add so much fruits because the juices make the bottom a tad  bit soggy.

Fruit Tart by Le Zoe Musings 2

So there you have it! Enjoy with ice cream, whipped cream, or tea.

Go get your baking game on. Happy Tuesday!

Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature bw2


18 thoughts on “Fruit Tarts Under 30 Minutes

  1. This is so cleverly and beautifully crafted and presented…step by step, clear, easy to follow, and exquisite yummy results. Mouth wateringly superb…well done you! Lovely pictures.


  2. You made some mini pie cookies similar to this a while ago and I LOVED them (seriously my go-to dessert when I’m on the spot). This is another dessert that I will be putting into my baking repertoire. I am not a master baker by ANY means – quick, easy, and delicious is the way to go! Thanks for another excellent go-to.


  3. I love pinning tarts on Pinterest. They are such super models and make the most lovely food porn. I don’t make many tarts but the pictures are so fabulous. Maybe I should make more tarts.


  4. A great recipe and wonderful photography. While I’m a pretty good cook, I’ve always shied away from baking (too much measuring:))…but this I think I can do. Thank you so much!


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