Mornings are by far my most favorite part of the day. It’s my catch up time with the things in life. Add a cup of milk tea or Vietnamese coffee and I’m golden.

I love the quiet time before the chaos. You know- all the mommy duty stuff that needs to be done for the day. They are so exhausting and endless! But before all of that, I savor the first one hour after I drop the kids off at school. Typically, I’ll begin by jotting things down. I’m a to-do list freak. It keeps me sane and helps me stay organized. My first hour of the day also consists of finding inspirations on the web. For me, ideas usually stem from something visual.

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Lately, my mornings has been made better with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. It’s just a more enjoyable and convenient way of checking emails, browsing the web, and everything else that a modern mom does. It’s extremely lightweight and thin. These are necessary electronic features that every mom needs. We carry so many stuff around for the kids, who needs another heavy item to weigh us down? Minimal- I say.

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S2 NOOK, please click HERE.

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Today, I’m partnering with Barnes & Noble to give you a chance to win a $20 B&N gift card. Entering is easy, just log in with any of the accounts below. US readers only please. The winner will be announced on my FB page HERE, next Wednesday, Oct 15.

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Good Luck and have a wonderful day!

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8 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. I love mornings. They are weirdly peaceful and kind of that last bit of recharging from the night before the day. It’s nice to get to take a moment to enjoy the day before you get swept up in it.


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