Valentine Sugar Cookies

For those of you who want to put a little bit more thought and effort into your Valentine’s gift, consider baking your own Valentine cookies. I’ve been a fan of sugar cookies for many occasions. As long as you have the appropriate shaped cookie cutters, you can make sugar cookies for most holidays or celebrations. They … More Valentine Sugar Cookies

No Roses Here

Hello! How was everyone’s Valentines? We didn’t spend the night having a romantic dinner or anything of that sort. Just going out anywhere with Ms. Zoey is a challenge let alone having a nice quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant! Completely, out of the question. Although we didn’t wine and dine, my husband did come … More No Roses Here

Hot Red With Lace

Yesterday I suffered from a mild case of blahs and today, I’m digging me some hot red with lace! Yes, I’m talking about Valentines. No, I’m not dressing up in red lips with lacy lingerie. Who does that (anymore after marriage AND a baby)?! It’s all about NAILS. I think one of the easiest and … More Hot Red With Lace