An inspirational workspace.

Do you have an inspirational workspace? A space where you can sit, relax, indulge, decompress, breathe, catch up, or do whatever it is that your mind desires? Of course it’s a challenge sometimes to have just a minute to do any of those things. Like for myself, Zoey demands my attention 23hrs of the day. It’s hard to put her down for a few mins and collect my thoughts. 

However, in the rare moments when I can afford to do this, I have a space for it. This is where I do my work, read, browse the web, or just write in my vision book.  

Collectively, my husband and I created this space for us. We live in the city so space is a rare commodity. He managed to custom build a walnut desk in this little nook. Having a foundation, I added my touch to the space. 

What do you usually start your day off with? For me, in the winter mths, it’s either a cup of tea or cappuccino (decaf always). Recently, I’m into matcha + korean roasted corn tea. 

This is my vision book. My sister had inspired me to create one. It serves as a place where I can jot down ideas and inspirations that come to mind. If there are snippets from a magazine that I like, I cut them out and put them in here. It’s basically a collection of my thoughts pertaining to projects that I’m working on. 

Fill your vision book with positive, inspiring quotes. 

One of my favorite shots of us in Paris. 

Seda France travel tin candle. 

Real Simple is one of my favorite mag. labels. 

The vision board is filled w/ personal notes, pictures, and alot of cards from my husband!

He always seems to find the most appropriate cards for any occasions. 

We each have our own files. 

There are many diy projects in this space, the picture frames, pen holder, rose lanterns, vision board (all seen in first image)- I will try to post the projects in later postings. 

Do you have an inspirational workspace? If so, what makes it special, personal, and inspirational? Please share!

Til next post, Kellie

60 thoughts on “An inspirational workspace.

  1. gorgeous! I have a desk by a sunny window, but that’s covered with work stuff… I think I need a table in my room or something for my art/jewelry, and I have major workspace envy! and, as always, lovely pics!


  2. This post is my new obsession – I was in love with “MadeByGirl” Jen Ramos’ for a while – but this workspace is absolutely gorgeous! Great work girl xx


  3. I love that in almost every picture of your home there are fresh flowers. They really change the room, and look so special. I’m going to run out and get some tomorrow 🙂


  4. This is an amazing space! Thank you for a like on my blog by the way, thought I’d check out yours. I would give an arm, a leg or possibly my face for a space like this to work. I sit on my bed surrounded by messy papers and pens that stain my duvet, always goood. Love your blog 🙂 E x


  5. Your workspace is truly amazing! It gives me the inspiration to create a private space for myself too! Keep up the good work & I will be looking forward to many of your posts!


  6. I love your workspace! It’s so NEAT! I think when we are working it is important that our workspace is clutter-free to match our state of mind! :p And your special space here looks like a really pleasant place to work for long hours! 🙂


  7. Kelly, you visited my blog today http: and left me a message. Thank you for taking te time to vist and to send me the sweet post.

    I jumped on your blog today as well and absolutuly LOVE your wonderful black and white photographs in your blog banner (B&W are my all time favorites!), as well as your clean lined workspace.

    Please visit often if yu can and thank you!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna


  8. Dear Madam,
    I noticed the little kellie v ‘like’ notice beneath one of my nursery photo-articles and was compelled to pay you a visit. Yours is a different world from my own, very modern; I was most interested to see the article featuring your desk area. I have a simple, Victorian Oak writer’s desk (which appears in a few photos), but certainly, though from contrasting lifestyles, the sentiment about a good desk (‘workspace’) is the same! A pleasure indeed, to have a little ‘look around’.
    All the very best to you,
    Philip Livingstone


  9. Your workspace is stunning. Exactly what I one day hope to have in my own home… Just beautiful…


  10. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and thus making me aware of yours! I share your love of beautiful things and babies (although mine have grown a bit now, sob!). And I really like your small but perfectly formed workspace. Question: is that a magnetic whiteboard that you are using and do you use pins on it? I’m moving house soon, so am planning a new office/writing space.


  11. Love this space, specifically because it’s calming, beautiful, and a realistic size! I could make one of these in a corner of my house, which would be much better than my current method of whining about not having a craft room. Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Thank you for this. My husband and I have such different projects that we work on and neither of us have a real “space” to create in. It’s sort of sprawled all over the house. Then with 2 small children, our space gets completely lost. I really feel it’s time to create our own inspirational space. Our sanity is screaming for it.


  13. Love this posting. Its great to see how other people approach creating an environment that works for them. My wife is a great fan of vision books and boards and we periodically sit down together to go through them and discuss. For me personally, my inspiring space is whilst walking the dog through the English countryside in what ever weather. I love the open space, the rich green colours, the sounds of the animals in the hedgerows and most of all the fluffy white clouds and they roll across the sky. Ahhh, I could spend all day outside.


  14. This is beautiful. I love the openness and simplicity of the space, but the handmade personal touches. Makes me wish I had space for a little nook of my own!
    I also love the vision book idea. I started something similar recently… I never thought of it as a vision book but I guess it is partially 🙂
    Glad to have found you. Love to see your creations, you definitely have inspired me 😉


  15. I LOVE the idea of a vision book… and you’ve just inspired me to completely re-do our work area!
    Love love love your blog! I’m supposed to be working and I can’t stop reading 🙂


    1. Hey Megan- I know what you mean! There are many times in the past when I’m supposed to study for a test but I find every reason not to. Including cleaning!


  16. Wow!!! This is beautiful! I fell in love with DIY projects after making most of the stuff for our wedding. Looking forward to when you post about the pen holders!


  17. I adore your space. I don’t have one, but simply because I have not a place of my own yet. Will surely make one once I have.


  18. Very cool workspace. I see a lot of myself in you… very organised and a great parent no doubt 😛 hehe


  19. That workspace is so “you”! I love it! I, on the other hand, have a sewing studio that is so “me” and the opposite of your space (we are created so differently-yay!). I describe our home as “country clutter” and my creative space mirrors that thought. I seem to be stimulated to create most when in the midst of many other projects/creations……so, someone might, more fittingly to them, refer to my world as organized chaos, way too many layers, I find it sparks and energizes me. Having said all that, I could easily slip into your quiet uncluttered corner and breath deeply and be refreshed, also! And I must add that your “Vision Journal” is wonderful……I am so tired of hearing of all the Pinterest devotees who, many without thinking, “pin” tons of stuff to their on-line bulletin board and then spend hours reading what others have done on theirs……..and life quietly slips away. Have a sip of tea for me and thank you for sharing….Hugs, Doreen


  20. Your space is gorgeous! I love how simple, functional and clean it is. Very nice. We are finishing up our shared workspace right now and I am really enjoying getting everything organized.


  21. wow! I just LOVE your workspace! 🙂 I badly want my workspace to look like this. (that’s if i have one! haha!) you really inspired me to be more organized! 🙂 can’t wait for more of your posts.


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