Inspired by White.

I love me a white space! There’s something so relaxing and tranquil about being in a white room. At the moment, I’m obsessed w/ the modern vintage look. I LOVE French provincial chairs and wished that we had space for one in our living room!

I think the capriz shell chandelier gives a modern twist to the traditional ones. Peonies are one of my favorites. I discovered them while looking for flowers for my wedding. Since then, I became a huge fan of these gorgeous blooms. They also remind me of the old Victorian era. 

Til next post, Kellie

5 thoughts on “Inspired by White.

  1. Hi Kellie, excellent post! You’re right the vintage look has a nice luxurious quality to it. And as FP mention if you’re able to combine cream colors with different shades of white it gives you a really authentic look.


  2. I loved your post – inpired me to try and do a similiar blog with the color pink – my favorite color – I loved your little journal entry though – very cool! And, the layout of the pictures and text is so pleasing to the eye. Thank you for such a fun & inspiring post to read while drinking my morning coffee! -Heather


  3. I can’t wait to “Brave” the day that I can do white! With two boys (2yo & 3yo) I cringe at the though of White but I do have a secret passion for this one day “White space” in my house!!! Maybe when they are off and out of the house 😉


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