Cinque Terra, Italy

One of the most beautiful places that we visited during our honeymoon has got to be this little hidden gem, Cinque Terra,  in the mountain coast on the Italian Riviera. I have to say that the drive up the mountain was actually one of the scariest experiences of my life. Imagine having to share one narrow lane w/ 2 way traffic on the edge of the mountain cliff thousands of feet above with no railings.

The scary moments were worth it (considering we made it out alive) and had the chance to witness such a beautiful and simple culture. The way of living is still the same as yrs ago. Clothes are still hung to air dry, there’s such beauty in seeing this. 

Walking through the streets, we can hear the church bell ring from afar. There was such serenity in the moment. 

Our quest. 

On our way up the mountain, there were tiny villages where you can stop to site see and eat. This kiwi vine was part of someones’s home. I wanted so badly to sample one and see if it tastes any different fr the ones back home. 

For lunch, we ate at this tiny restaurant on the mountain. The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze. Yes, those are olive trees lining the back! 

Love how simple this dish is, olive oil + crushed peppers. 

So fresh!

This was where we stayed. 

My husband took this shot. It is my absolute favorite picture in this Cinque Terra trip. Not sure what this elderly lady was thinking but she must be enjoying the simplest moments in life- taking in the warm sun and enjoying people watching. What a beautifully captured moment. 

Such beauty in the simple ways of living. 

I want that pot of chili peppers!

As you walk towards the end of the alley way, you come to this end of the town where people congregate. Restaurants lined the area and anywhere you go there’s an open view of the mountains and water. Many activities happen here- people swimming, boating, eating, etc. 

There were tons of colorful outside umbrellas. This picture doesn’t do justice. 

This was where we ate dinner. Outside open the the water and mountains. 

Breathless scenery at night. 

There were so many stars that night and the sky was so clear despite the darkness. 

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight. 

Til next post, Kellie


13 thoughts on “Cinque Terra, Italy

  1. ahh cinque terre!!! Should I even start to comment about this amazing place. . . my favorite place also that me and my husband visited last year. And I can not wait to go back next year again.

    You are making me hungry with all these meals, I still dream about some of the pastas and seafood that we tried there till this day haha! Eating where the locals eat was where we tried some of the most beautiful meals i have ever ate!

    I agree with you the drive up the mountain was actually one of the scariest experiences of my life also but so damn worth it!! ❤ loved this post.


  2. ahhhh Cinque Terre!!! Most amazing little place that me and my husband also visited last year, it was love at first site, and I can not wait to go back next year!

    This post was amazing you are making me hungry with all the beautiful meals, the food there was soooo good eating where the locals eat, some pastas we tried i dream about them to this day 🙂

    I also agree with you the drive up the mountain was actually one of the scariest experiences of my life also! but so damn worth it ❤ Leved this post.


  3. Vernazza was just the most perfect place to spend the day though luckily we caught the train….( we had already had a trip similar to yours up the mountain to Barga just north of Lucca where we were staying…i swear my blood hurt by the time we got to the top ) in Vernazza we sat and drank beer and ate pizza and afterwards we walked up and down the fabulous little paths wondering two the older people cope with almost vertical steps and how on earth they renovate their homes…i did see quite a bit of building going on and furniture being moved around…all be it very carefully….I do hope Vernazza does recover from the mud slides and was so beautiful.


  4. We agree, Cinque Terra is beautiful except for the drive! Tour books recommend taking the train – now we know why…..loved your photos, brought back great memories.


  5. This is where my husband and I were married – the last city to the South, Portovenere. It is so beautiful there and the food is amazing. We are hoping to get back over there in the next couple of years for our anniversary.


  6. This is my favourite part of Italy too…especially Vernazza 🙂 But I am sad to report that in October parts of the Cinque Terra were devastated. Especially Vernazza with tons of mud filling the beautiful main street and harbour. They are trying very hard to clean up and rebuild and are hoping that in the Spring that tourists will come again because they REALLY need us now:)


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