Tulips, Books, Shoes, etc.

Yesterday, we went and bought a bunch of tulips. It’s near the end of the season for them so we had to get some before it’s too late. Made a little eye candy setting w/ some of my favorite items including the tulips of course, along w/ home decor books, shoes, accessories, + of course a FAB bag! I like creating these tiny areas of pretty laid out things.

I took these pictures using my husband’s camera (Canon 5D Mark ii) for the first time and I must admit, I really like how they came out. This camera was bought for chronicling Zoey’s life although we haven’t use it enough to justify the price tag! 

In addition to the herbs that we grow in the garden, we also have pots of herbs for indoor use as seen in the pic above on the top left. 

Nothing beats fresh herbs, ready to pick every time you need them!

My latest obsession is home decor books. 

How cute are Zoey’s leather ice cream cone shoes?!

Tea forte- another LOVE in the tea world. 

LOVING the Fendi Boston satchel for its versatility and roominess. Sometimes, I actually use this as Zoey’s baby bag. It’s that roomy!

Zoey’s feet are too tiny now but I just can’t wait ’til she can strut around in these adorable shoes!

Isola patent leather leopard pumps.

My husband doesn’t understand why every ‘setting’ has to involve shoes. Well, my dear, if it doesn’t then the ‘setting’ will not be the same! He owns about 10 or LESS pairs of shoes in his whole life (might be an exaggeration but VERY close to the truth) and will never ever comprehend why I need (yes, it’s a NEED) all my heels, bags, + decorative trays!

Sheer nails- can’t go wrong!

Some of you have asked if I’m a professional photographer. The answer is NO although it wouldn’t hurt if I were! I just enjoy shooting pics. Do what you love and it will shine through. 

‘Til next post, Kellie. 


40 thoughts on “Tulips, Books, Shoes, etc.

  1. The tulips are beautiful and you have photographed them so well! As you’re not a professional photographer, my curiosity is aroused; you say you’re an entrepreneur?


  2. Great inspiration to read your posts! I feel like cleaning up makeing ready for summer and small tableaus like you do – in Denmark we call it “stilleben” in french: nature morte – Thank you for your great posts and pictures 🙂


  3. Your photographs look very professional. My daughter loves photography and has done several photo shoots for people. She’s afraid to charge, but I tell her to just ask them to pay what they feel they the photos are worth after they see them.

    I just drove by the Holland America Bulb Farm here in Woodland to see the lovely tulips. The flowers are even more brilliant on a cloudy day like today.


  4. At first I really can’t believe you’re not a professional photog. You’re shots are all amazing. Well, I know you use Adobe Illustrator and might be using Photoshop as well right? 🙂 Well, I really hope you’d try learning more of photog. You have a keen eye for details… PLUS, you have Mark II!!!! I’ve been wanting one, but it’s quite expensive here in Philippines. As in! :))

    Best of Luck to you, and keep on posting more…

    Great pics by the way. I love Tulips! ♥


  5. Tulips are my favorite flowers. There’s something so graceful about them, & then to put them with your beautiful shoes makes for perfect photos.

    Love your closing line: Do what you love and it will shine through. ‘Tis the truth.


  6. Another fun ‘tour’/glimpse of your life! Since my ‘style’ is the exact opposite of yours, I am so enjoying the refreshingly simple style you hold to………and that is exactly what “makes the world go ’round”! Hugs, Doreen


  7. Beautiful pics! Have you ever attended photography class? Is that talent? A practice result? Or your husband taught you secrets? I also love your decor!


  8. Love the flowers, good call on the simple, clear vase. Love the shoes, both pair, but especially the tiny ones. =D Those earrings are cute. May I ask what color nail polish that is?


  9. Most men don’t understand why we need lots of new shoes, constantly, pretty flowers, beautiful accessories, home decor books, I find them to be cripple or emotionally unavailable when it comes to these charming womanly touches!


  10. I absolutely love this. Such beautiful photos. P.S Tulips are one of my favourite flowers 🙂 I really liekd this post! xx


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