Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach was one of the places that we wanted to visit and I’m so glad that we made an effort to make that happen.  It was very beautiful but so COLD!

Nice little boardwalk makes for a romantic stroll.

Zoey and mommy staring out into the sea.  What a beautifully peaceful moment.

I can’t even begin to comprehend how people were swimming! It was FREEZING and I’m from Boston!

There’s not enough camera shots to capture all the cute little gestures that Zoey does!

We stayed there for about 2 hrs so we can catch the sunset. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at a sushi joint and Zoey was climbing on top of the table wanting to grab EVERYTHING in sight! People probably looked at us thinking “My child will not do that!”, well I was one of those people…pre-Zoey era!

Images courtesy of the husband via Canon 5d mark ii.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


19 thoughts on “Laguna Beach

  1. I went to L.A. with my hubby this summer and I LOVED Laguna Beach – I really loved walking on the boardwalk and just watching the waves come in. SO relaxing!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures – love it!


  2. In the last picture, it looks like Zoey is holding the sun in her outstretched hands!! She is adorable AND has super-human strength!! 😉


  3. When I was in California we visited Laguna and I love it! Your photography is beautiful… thank you for showing some love to kitchen/closet/heart! I’m looking forward to reading more.



  4. Lovely scenery and chic as always, but now I’m messed up because subconsciously I am always pegging you as a Vancouverite (although I knew you really weren’t), and now you fess up that you are from Boston! So confusing : )


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