Hello, Hellocotton!

By chance I stumbled upon the site, Hellocotton and I knew it was something unique. It’s a platform where all great women bloggers UNITE to share, connect, and inspire one another through their daily posts.

Ironically, Hellocotton was created by a male duo team and the site was founded and currently based in PARIS! OK, by this point, I have got to join this site…creative women and PARIS?! You know me & my unhealthy love affair with all things Parisian!

I joined Hellocotton last week.  A look at my page:

Truthfully, I haven’t had the chance to browse through all the uber awesome women bloggers on the site but I’m sure I’ll get to it when my baby is not demanding my undivided attention (this may be …NEVER), after I douche out my closet (it’s in a major turmoil/emergency state), after I bake those yummy green tea cookies, and when I can hire a chef to cook nightly meals for me & the hubs, etc, etc, etc! For someone who has a million things to achieve on her neatly written bullet pointed to do list, I am severely time starved.

Ok, Kellie. Enough of the whining already!

Focus on the current subject… Hellocotton currently attracts over 3 million unique visitors a month so how ecstatic was I to find out (this morning) that my post from yesterday, DIY, Gold Monogram Mugs made it on their FRONT PAGE HEADLINES?! This is the type of good news that an exhausted mommy needs to brighten up her day.

Not too shabby for joining last week, no?!

“THANK YOU” to the Hellocotton Team for featuring my work!

If you are a female blogger, I highly recommend joining this site. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiring and stylish women to vicariously live through! Don’t we all need that sort of role model inspiration?

To follow me on Hellocotton, please visit my page.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


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