X-Mas Came Early!

Today after a busy and tearful day transitioning Zoey into daycare (my personal story…later), I came home and had 3 boxes waiting for me. One of them was a box filled w/ GORGEOUS fashion pieces, courtesy of Lulu’s. Ahhh! Just what a mommy needed,  early Christmas presents!!

These pieces will be PERFECT for all those upcoming holiday outings. Are you ready for some eye candy?

This peplum top is AH-MAZING!!

I have a slightly unhealthy gold obsession.

You would think that sequin pieces are usually stiff and uncomfortable but this top isn’t so. The inner lining fabric is super soft!

4 inches will do me some good!

This blazer will help me stay stylish and warm.

Which one is your FAV? Mine is the sequin top. Now I just need to decide which events to wear them to. Stay tune for how I’ll style these pieces…

If you are looking for amazing style that doesn’t dig steeply into your pocketbooks, Lulu’s your destination! Check them out here.

THANKS Lulu’s for these drool-worthy pieces!


48 thoughts on “X-Mas Came Early!

  1. I love all of them! I’ve never really liked pointed toe heels but omg, i loveeee the red & gold shoes! The sequined top just screams Christmas to me and the navy jacket is my favourite, NEED NOW.


  2. Nothing like playing with new clothes to ease the pain of transitions in our lives..The day care thing is a really huge step…
    .It was so hard to see my daughter go off to college just a few months after my mother had passed…


  3. Drool worthy is right! I like the top but a pair of red and gold heels is way up there, then again I wouldn’t say no to a sequin dress, there has got to be a moral to all this!


  4. I was just on Lulu’s yesterday but couldn’t seem to find anything. But now I know what I could get for myself 🙂 The peplum top is gorgeous! And the red shoes (even better with the gold). Can’t wait to see how you style them!


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