Birthday Tea (Pt 1)

Happy New Yrs Eve everyone! We actually just finished w/ our NYE’s festivities in the city and now just lounging around in bed to watch the NYC times square countdown (my sis and 3 nephews are there!).

This past weekend, my youngest sister celebrated her bday. We’ll leave her age out b/c it’ll remind me of how aged I really am. Yikes. Since she also happened to be in town, I took her to the Taj Hotel for some sisterly afternoon tea time. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up and bond over petit pastries and flavored teas. The fact that we were seated in a French room overlooking Newbury St. w/ a violinist playing in the background didn’t hurt either!

holiday tea96Here’s the birthday girl! My youngest sister, Geri.

holiday tea994The Lounge- Parisian inspired.

holiday tea9995

holiday tea9998We sat by this window which looks out to Newbury St. The famous, most posh & stylish street in Boston.

holiday tea9994Our tea pot of choice? My sister had pear, sis in law had shanghai rose, and I had spiced chai. Add some cream and sugar, and it was the perfect tea to beat the nippy air.

holiday tea998The cheese plate includes 3 different kinds of cheeses, fruits, and all sorts of toasts and crackers.

holiday tea2Chocolate covered strawberry – stamped w/ the Taj logo.

holiday tea4Felt like I was in Paris again! Afternoon chit chat over tea, tiny nibbles, and a violinists playing in the background…

holiday tea9993holiday tea98My tea oufit- dress & heels by Zara.

holiday tea9991holiday tea5My sis in law, Helen. A new mommy to a 5mth old baby boy!

holiday tea92The Taj was connected to Chanel. This can get a girl in a lot of trouble…

holiday tea997holiday tea9Reflection on elevator glass door.

holiday tea3As the waitress was bringing out the bday cupcake, the violinist played the happy bday tune. The experience was magical!

holiday tea95Loving my sis’s stylish ensemble- fit for the cold and holidays!

holiday tea

Every gal should take her sister, bestie, or mother out for afternoon tea. Sure, it’s a little pricey but the experience is priceless and one you wouldn’t easily forget. I can’t wait to take my little Zoey out for some mommy & me afternoon tea!

To be continued (more pics to come!)

Have a GREAT New Yrs!



26 thoughts on “Birthday Tea (Pt 1)

  1. Looks like you had a very nice time. It’s the most simpliest things that make us women the happiest.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, And thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. These tea snacks look lovely. I discovered a little tea place near my home today and snapped a few photos with my iphone; one is up on the blog. I’m a bit gutted I left the DSLR at home but what can you do.


  3. yes, nice pics indeed! are you trained in photography or is it hobby? perhaps you’d consider a post on your photo equipment and tips to taking better photos! πŸ˜‰


    1. Hi Cloudancer- Photography is just a hobby. I wished I was a professional! I’m probably the last person to asked for camera use advice b/c I just kinda mess around w/ the knobs and hope that it turns out great. Most of the time, it does! Just Luck, I guess. Have a Great New Yr! Best, Kellie


    1. Tess, You should ABSOLUTELY do that! Why wait for the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy fancy things?! Just do it and enjoy yourself! Happy New Yr. Best, Kellie


  4. I wish we had these sort of tea rooms here in Germany… I know them from London but miss them over here… Happy new year!!


    1. Hi Izabela- The color effect was actually from the hotel itself (and not from camera setting). The lighting at the hotel was very dim and almost yellow. This usually makes it very hard to get nice pictures b/c of the lack of lighting. I typically don’t like to shoot under this type of light but they came out nice here. Happy New Yr and thanks for stopping by! Best, Kellie


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