A Case of Blahs

I had the intention of posting something entirely different but just wasn’t feeling it. Major lack of connection to the subject. I’m actually just feeling a little blah today.Β It must be the winter gray skies.

blahs3Ever feel this way?

Above, a late breakfast on instagram. French toast bagel w/ whipped cream cheese. Yes, it has to be whipped.

blahs2I proposed a cure for my blahs (a problem solver, solution-driven kind of person). The agenda includes painting my nails a happy color, sipping on eggnog, watching the Rachel Zoe Project online (I can catch an episode before picking Z up), and desperately wishing for sunshine!

blahsTo check off list: freshly painted nails.

And I feel like eating hamburger helper for lunch…with bacon!

What do you usually do to fight your case of blahs?



35 thoughts on “A Case of Blahs

  1. Kellie I soo love your creative talent but particularly the way you match different fonts and sizes together on your images. Would you be willing to write a short post on some guidelines for matching fonts and sizes? I’m planning on making a pet calendar using some of my pet photography images with a little saying on each image but don’t have a clue where to start with the fonts and their sizes.


  2. It is supposed to be in the 60’s here in NC today, so the kiddos and I are getting ready to head to the park for some much-needed sunshine! February is the shortest month of the year, but feels like the longest, doesn’t it?


  3. First of all, it is the winter and I think all of us are feeling slightly blah. Secondly, I love that you came up with ways to cheer yourself. Way to go.


  4. I just love how every time I come to your blog it feel so cozy.. I been having the blahs too and also trying to find my true path through all the dense fog.. I am also trying to find other ways to get me out of the blahs too.


  5. Totally understand that feeling! I say, it’s your brain telling you to take a break so that even better ideas can bubble up! Hope you enjoyed your day “off!”


  6. Today is pretty blah for me too. I normally just have to push through and hope tomorrow is better. College and work. What are you gonna do? I love your nail color!


  7. A bubble bath and a Russian novel (I just finished Anna Karenina). Russian novels are a good way to remind you how much worse your life could be. Bubble baths are just luxury…especially when you do it during the day (you know…when you should be doing a million other things).


  8. πŸ™‚ “I’m feeling a little blah today.” = just GREAT= Who hasn’t had days like this? Have a Wonderful day, lovely Kellie! πŸ™‚


  9. Cheer up! It has been a rough day (week) for me too, I have pretty much shut my office door and have been blasting Metallica all day, lol. I hope your day gets better! Your nails, bracelet and ring are gorgeous, by the way.


  10. I have favorite books that I read over and over. There are a collection of taped Charlie Rose shows with interesting guests who speak on topics of interest. i love good versions of that show because I wish I could sit at the table, listen and maybe ask a question or two. Seems my blahs are cognitive deficit days and I need to think again.
    Oh, and a walk really helps.


  11. If my mind says “time out”, I simply give him time out. I just let myself have that once in a while blah day. And sometimes that seems to be the exact solution, and in the end of the day my mind is swimming in idea’s.


  12. Haha, you made me laugh with the freshly painted nails. I actually put them in my daytimer until I can check them off the list. Hey, it’s a priority.

    Well, you can check out my new post for what I do to fight off the blahs! But I also bet you can probably guess.


  13. Same exact story here. Went through three post ideas before realizing I had nothing to say to anyone about anything. I wanted to curl up with a book, or the remote, and dwindle the grey day away. BLAH indeed!

    Your nails are far more productive than I have been today! Lovely!


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