For The Sisters

Whenever I go somewhere foreign, one of the things that I look forward to the most is finding the perfect meaningful trinkets for my sisters back home. Because I have 5 of them, sometimes it’s a challenge to find 5 of one thing.

This time however, it was easy. While shopping in Italy, I saw these Fendi gold initial pendants encrusted w/ Swarokswi crystals and I just knew…they were the ones.

fendi idBeing a total accessory addict, I couldn’t leave w/o grabbing 9 of these! 5 for the sistas and the rest for the other lovelies in my life.

Aren’t these just so cool? What do you usually get as souvenirs for your loved ones?

Btw, having sisters is one of the most precious things in life. My youngest sister prepared my two favorite Vietnamese dishes for dinner on the night of our return as I was madly craving some motherland home cook dishes. Thank you sis!


7 thoughts on “For The Sisters

  1. I can totally relate because I have a sister but I only have one so shopping is much easier for me. Love what you got. Such a wonderful gift that they will treasure always.


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