Back to the Basics

To decorate without commitment, that is every girl’s dream. Imagine creating a wall photo collage where it requires so much planning, time, and effort only to tear it down because you’ve had a change of heart. It is just so painful. However, this is not the case with fireplace mantels. You can decorate it to your heart’s content and simply switch it up if need be. I like to change what’s on my mantels based on my mood, the seasons, or the occasions. At this moment, I’m into the minimal and basic look.

Decorating with a Cluster of Glasses by Le Zoe Musings

You can’t get more basic than glass vases. They are inexpensive and just so classic but can be a little boring. I’ve found a way around that. Gather all of your glass vases, put them next to each other to create a clustered look. You don’t have to fill each and every one with flowers. Remember, less is more! Collectively, they’re almost like an expensive art piece.

Decorating with a Cluster of Glasses by Le Zoe Musings 2

My dining room lately…

Hope you’ve enjoy this little home decor post.  Have a lovely weekend!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


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