Paris Spaces

They say in life, some things are meant to be. You’ll know immediately when you encounter the person, the experience, or the place. It’s that feeling that you’ve never felt before and when you actually do, everything feels right.

For me, it’s my love affair with Parisian spaces. When I grow up, I want my home to be as much Parisian-inspired as possible. Gold gilded mirrors, marble mantels, medallions, open space, mainly white, elegant chandeliers, simple and minimal but seriously chic.

Below’s a collection of Paris spaces that I’ve pinned onto my board, Paris Homes. Go ahead and admire, drool, or lust and I hope you can get some great ideas and inspirations for your home along the way…

Paris home

paris home 1


Paris home 2

Paris 3


Paris Home 3

Paris Home 4


Paris 6


Paris home 7


Paris home 8

Paris Home 9


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Have a lovely Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “Paris Spaces

  1. The French are fabulous in making the most of their spaces. My better half’s aunt literally purchased an ATTIC in a building in the 6th and turned it into the greatest apartment. It’s my Paris home and is just so bright and happy!!!!


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