Home Tour: A Charming Apt.

Life has been a tiny hectic as we are just settling in with Zoey going to kindergarten and me starting a new position. Our mornings are wild as we have to get everyone out of the house by 7:30am! Thankfully, the hubs is taking some time off this week from work to help with the transition.

Between the hustle and bustle of work and family life- I look for calm, creative and inspiring things on the web to ease my mind a bit. This Swedish apartment has all the things that can help someone like me feel relaxed! This space is nothing short of a dream.




Enjoy your Wednesday! We are almost halfway done with the week. Whew!!



8 thoughts on “Home Tour: A Charming Apt.

  1. Very beautiful ! I just got back from Sweden and I absolutely love those kind of interiors. The contrast between wood and white is incredible 😍😍thanks for sharing!!!


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