Pictures in a Parking Garage?!

While heading to a celebratory event for my husband, we decided to take some pictures in the parking garage. You see, the most challenging thing about taking great photos is having the perfect lighting. Usually, I strive for natural light. That is the most ideal. I am no expert here, just going by my experience. 

Surprisingly, these pictures came out not too bad. We are not professional photographers, no extra fancy lighting, just going by the lighting of the surroundings. 

Images taken by the husband, w/ no flash.

Standing in front of the elevator.

Don’t you just LOVE the exit and parking signs?

I agree, this is too many pictures of me in one posting! It’s making me quite dizzy.

Til next post, Kellie


14 thoughts on “Pictures in a Parking Garage?!

  1. Thanks for stopping over by my blog today! I *love* these pictures, very beautiful and I have to say, that is a lovely dress on you.


  2. Both color and black and white photos are stunning! These are great! I agree with Hunter. “You took a place so bland like a parking garage and made it amazing and colorful!”


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