Pearls & Joe’s {NYC}

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! For me, it’s been such a fun but chaotic past couple of days!! Was in NYC over the weekend for some memorable family affairs and now we are back in Miami…again! Needless to say, Zoey’s routine is sooo off right now. 

Anyhow…don’t you love a great pair of JEANS? Like many, I have my favorites and one of them is my distressed skinny Joe’s jeans. I was grinning ear to ear when I finally fit into them again after having Zoey! The theme for this post is Pearls & Jeans. Kinda ironic, don’t you think? 

Wore this outfit to my sister’s engagement party- a great pair of blue jeans, pearls, + other shades of blue as seen on the shirt + wedges. 

Every girl needs an AWESOME strand of pearls. 

As you may already know, I like to take pretty things and group them together. My sister’s window sill was perfect for this! 

These wedges has three different shades of blue. The suede material felt so luxurious!

To shop Joan + David, click here

Fresh flowers- a must. 

I am an accessory addict. 

What’s your favorite pair of jeans? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie. 


27 thoughts on “Pearls & Joe’s {NYC}

  1. I am a total pearl freak! I finally put all of my jewelry / accessories together (i had them in the closet, bathroom, dresser, etc…) and pearls won! They’re just so classy without being too blingy!

    I am also pearls & jeans kinda gal 😉


  2. I love your shoes! I’m not usually a huge fan of wedges, but these are just so elegant and gorgeous. Those jeans also look wonderful on you. Finding a perfect pair of jeans can be such a pain but you’ve hit the jackpot.


  3. Ah, you look AB FAB in your Joe’s. I adore Joe’s myself as they seem to be one of maybe 2 designer brands that fit curvy girls like myself.

    I also think your Joan & David wedges are gorgeous – the brand always promises comfy shoes, even when they are heels!


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