What’s For Dinner?!

Hello! What is everyone having for dinner? The husband made an AWESOME + YUMMY dinner tonight. It was simple but so flavorful!! Perfect for an almost summer night.

He seared a ribeye on a cast iron skillet (seasoned w/ salt & pepper) until it was perfectly (yes, it was quite PERFECT) medium, just the way we love our steaks. On the side, we had arugula salad (LOVE!) and grilled veggies.

While we tried to enjoy a quiet romantic dinner (he suggested we drink plum wine…that’s the ONLY wine we drink for ANY occasions….not drinkers here!), Zoey puked up all her dinner! And boy did we have music to our ears. Ms. Zoey was screaming throughout the entire dinner!!

Oh yes, and we ended up forgetting to have wine.

So currently, daddy took Ms. Zoey out to the garden and then to the swing (in desperate effort to tire her out before bed time). I finally have a few moments of silence. Yep, our relationship has reached a point where I’d rather be alone and breathe in the quietness than to cuddle, drink plum wine, and watch The Vow.

I didn’t know motherhood had so many side effects!

Have a GREAT night!

‘Til next post, Kellie!


16 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?!

  1. same here…my eldest even called our youngest > the little terminator. he screams and shouts a lot. hubby and i would often eat in separate time…


    1. Ha- It’s actually really simple:
      1. salt and pepper to taste the steak: sear in cast iron to desired doneness. I believe my husband left the steak for about 5 min. on each side. Let rest for about 15-20mins before slicing
      2. arugula salad: homemade dressing- balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and honey (you can substitute w/ jam)
      3. veggies- you can either add the veggies in the iron skillet w/ the steak (season w/ salt and pepper) or grill them separately

      Enjoy! let me know how it turns out!! Best, Kellie


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