All Shades of Blue

A mommy and me ensemble. Zoey wearing her blue gradient tutu and me accenting her blue-licious skirt w/ my own little hints of blue… from the ring, to the strappy leather heels, to the drop earrings,  to the arm candy. A closer look at us wearing our shades of blue one day out in LA.

Yes! Zoey is wearing a fur vest in July!! I gotta say, LA was quite chilly especially during the night when even this vest was not enough to keep my little girl warm!

She LOVES blowing bubbles!

One of Zoey’s newly found facial expressions! We adore them all!!

I gotta say, I’m so grateful that life gave me a beautiful, precious (although sometimes very feisty and stubborn!) baby girl. I like matching Zoey, although not in a suffocating corny sort of way. Together, we make a great team!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


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