Homemade Herb Garlic Croutons

I’ve been wanting to do this post for such a long time it actually feels like a big accomplishment to finally get around to it.

Homemade herb garlic croutons- the recipe is so easy that I’m probably insulting your intelligence. But for those of you who don’t know whether the egg comes first or the oil (into the pan), you may actually find this recipe helpful if not ingenious!

Regardless, who doesn’t LOVE croutons?! They are perfect additions to salads and soups.

We ALWAYS have a surplus of Parisian bread around the house, so after a day or so, croutons become their fate! I usually try to slice them (evenly in size using a serrated knife) when they are still slightly soft- then allow another 1-2 days to completely dry them out. From my experience, if the bread gets too hard, the slicing is almost impossible b/c it crumbles.

Prepare the seasoned oil w/ extra virgin olive oil, super fine minced garlic, + Italian herbs.

Using a basting brush, lightly brush each side of the bread with the seasoned oil. After, sprinkle lightly w/ sea salt. I used to add the sea salt directly into the seasoned oil, however, this technique usually fails b/c the sea salt tends to sink to the bottom.

Bake on very low heat (I actually just set the oven on warm) until the bread gets lightly brown. This usually doesn’t take more than 5 mins or so.

Now you have a stash of freshly baked croutons to enjoy w/ your favorite soups or salads! What’s better than homemade?

‘Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “Homemade Herb Garlic Croutons

  1. I’m one of those people who can’t boil water so this post was excellent and beautifully done!


  2. Hi there! These look really professional. I love anything crunchy so may be making these to bulk out my next salad. Thanks! Cath (PS I know what it’s like to have that post that you’ve always wanted to do but never get around to, especially when it comes to food posts as you have to be in the mood – well done!)


  3. Homemade croutons are phenomenal! My good friend used to be a chef and she made some for a chicken salad. To this day I can’t remember what the chicken tasted like this but the croutons, dear Lord…


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