A Long Weekend.

Hello! What’s everyone doing for the extended weekend? We have more family affairs to attend to this weekend. Many family members are in town from out of state and spending A LOT of time w/ us so Zoey’s sleeping schedule is once again disrupted. Poor child!

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to our nephew’s baptism, a homemade clambake, and a trip to an apple orchard. Don’t they all sound exciting and so much fun?!

Since I don’t have any relevant pictures (yet) about the above mentioned activities, I’ll leave you w/ some still life shots. Nothing too crazy, just some white vases on top of our newly acquired drawer. Complete with some fresh flowers, of course.

Our dahlias are peaking right now. In another week or so, it’s going to be the mums that will be taking over our garden. A signal that autumn is just around the corner. Ah- I LOVE fall…the foliage, crisp air, and just the overall romantic feel! 

I’m loving the minimalistic look of the simple things such as this empty white vase on top of a distressed drawer. Nice contrast.

Enjoy your labor day weekend!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



5 thoughts on “A Long Weekend.

  1. I also love the contrast. My house (well, i’m working on it) is a contrast of modern and rustic. Lots of rich brown woods contrasted against white, gray, clean lines, + rustic touches like baskets, rattan, etc. I look forward to seeing more!


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