Finding the PERFECT Macarons

I am on a quest to bake the PERFECT macarons (on my to do list for way too long ago). This will come as a challenge for me b/c rumor is that following the recipe to a tee is key to successful macarons and I am known for my notorious make up as you go kind of cook. A little here and there, a dash here and there. Yep, that is me.

But before I can get my hands dirty, I need to find a recipe/flavor that I absolutely LOVE. Below is a roundup from my pinterest board, Yummy Morsels of all my options.

I’ve found most of these incredible recipes from Tartelette. A wonderful food blog that promises eye candy, mouth-watering images every single time.

I invite you to FEAST YOUR EYES!

Raspberry mascarpone macarons. LOVING the lollipop idea. via

Chocolate and coffee macarons. via

Cocoa nibs macarons w/ bittersweet espresso ganache. via

Membrillo and mascarpone macarons. via

Blackberry macarons.  via

Blueberry sorbet macarons. via

This is a combination that I haven’t seen before.

I am a Tiramisu LOVER (my husband introduced me to this dessert when he used to make it anytime upon my request, that was pre-Zoey era…sigh). I was completely heartbroken (and still mending) when the recipe link to this one was broken. This is one of my absolute FAV.

Blueberry lemon macarons. via

Loving the vibrant color combo.

Violet macarons w/ vanilla bean buttercream. via

OMfreakin’G!! I am also a HUGE buttercream LOVER.

And in the macarons & fashion news, “in honor of Paris Fashion Week, the iconic French pâtisserie Ladurée introduces limited edition Lanvin Loves Ladurée macarons. Eight pink bubble gum-flavored macarons come packaged in a playful box covered with Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz’s whimsical illustrations.” via

Another noteworthy macarons & fashion news, MOR Lip Macarons ($10) resemble the French pastry in their decadent little tins, but instead of ganache, they contain delicately glossy lip balm. How cool! 

Which macaron’s your favorite? I love the tiramisu and violet macarons! Would you dare trying to perfect these tiny yummy morsels as your weekend project?!

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15 thoughts on “Finding the PERFECT Macarons

  1. i’m hoping i’ll master making these someday, so that i can make my famille française feel at home when they visit. i haven’t been able to match up to their tarte tatin yet.


  2. Yes they are really delicate to make. I find I often have to leave the oven door open so they don’t break. I found a great recipe on allisoneats that works really well for me.


  3. Oeh wow! What a lovely pictures, love love love macarons. The colors, it’s just so fun! I had some yesterday, I went shopping and found a cute store.
    Just like you: it has been on my to do list for a long long time, to make some (perfect ones of course) myself…. You will show us the results right? =)


  4. Kellie this is wonderful! These macaroons are gorgeous and the pictures are just perfect! You made my mouth water 😛 My favorite macarons are from Eric Kayser! I’m no expert or anything but I’ve tried some other before and they weren’t as nice! 🙂 – great post! Xoxo Sara


  5. I’ll be making macarons before long and blogging about them. So many flavours, how can one choose? Love the lollipop idea!


  6. You can make-up the inside filling. It’s only the outside “cookie” bit that is a bit meticulous. Be sure to work with “mature” egg whites or you’ll struggle to get a good macaron crust. I’ll be making a batch Monday or Tuesday so will seperate the egg whites tonight (saturday) and leave them covered in a bowl on the benchtop till then.
    Happy Baking!


  7. Thanks so much for sharing. They all look amazing; and this post succeeded in making my mouth water. A thumbs up from a fellow foodie! ~


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