Hi! Hope everyone’s doing well. I just got the most adorable journal and I LOVE its message… “The grass is always greener on my side.”

Don’t look elsewhere to find happiness, you create it within yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. All the negativity in your life? Trim them away. You’re in control. 

Respect your happiness.

journalMany exciting events coming up…Chinese New Yr celebration, trip to San Marco Island, Annual Physician’s dinner/dance (our chance for date night + sis’s coming up to babysit!), sister’s nuptials, and then planning a trip to PARIS (can’t wait to take Zoey there)!! My calendar’s full of HAPPY bookmarks.

matcha green teaHaven’t made a green tea latte in like…forever. So when Zoey took her daily nap, I took advantage of some quiet time and sipped on some matcha latte (w/ soy milk). My sis got these Japanese green tea cookies from her recent trip abroad. They were just oh-so perfect with my warm green tea drink. The best part about all of this? A healthy dose of froth, of course!

happy fridayThanks for stopping by and have a sparkly weekend!


10 thoughts on “Green

  1. Your new journal reminds me of a similar saying that really means the same thing, but being an aspiring marriage therapist, I like to apply it to marriage: “The grass may be greener on the other side, but yours would be just as green with a little water”. I am always pretty selective about my journals and what the design or outside message says. I feel that it reflects my attitude on life at that moment and I can look back and see how life was going then. Love the green post!


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