Always Reaching

Zoey is now 19.5 mths! Ideally, it’s probably time for her to have a sibling on the way but just the thought of taking care of another human being exhausts me…

I think dealing with Ms. Precious is more than enough for the Mr. and I, at least for now. My mother has NINE children, I don’t think that’s bravery (like she says). I think that’s CRAZYYYYYY!

Lately, Zoey has been reaching for anything and everything that excites her… mommy’s makeup pouch (have you seen her putting on blush on my instagram?), pens, goodies in the fridge, etc. Keeping up with her is a full time job in of itself.

We try to keep things out of her sight but with Zoey, out of sight is NOT out of mind.

ZOEY2We call this the beginning of the ‘ugly face.’ She’ll do a silent cry for 1 whole minute then just burst out screaming for mercy (like it’s the end of the world). No shame, whatsoever.

ZOEYI see how this can get frustrating and probably is the end of the world, in her eyes.

But no matter how many times you give us that ‘ugly face’, we LOVE and ADORE you sooo much Ms. Precious! And honestly, sometimes I secretly think it’s cute.


23 thoughts on “Always Reaching

  1. I call this the little emotional manipulator at its best, hahaha!
    And I totally agree with you with the idea of growing through the whole process of bringing another being to the world.
    I am currently just after my first trimester πŸ™‚ Remember the last time I said on your blog that we are trying for a long time?
    Well, we’ve all been there and thank God its time to get back on track, until another 6 months at least, wooh!
    Zoe is growing really fast – she sure does have a lot to look back to when she gets older, her very own life in the digital world!


  2. Your daughter (and your blog) is beautiful. I have a daughter named Zoe as well; she’s 3. These are fun-and crazy-times. I love to a momma who does it with a little grace and style. πŸ™‚


  3. I work as a nanny, and I have discovered that the longer the “silent cry” is in the beginning, the louder and ear-shattering the actual cry that follows is! πŸ˜‰


  4. I’m 40 and I thought my mom was the only one who called it the ugly face!! Unfortunately I still get the face sometimes.

    When we were young whoever was going into meltdown mode, the other sisters would clap and give you a little plastic academy award. That only made it worse! Thanks for the funny memory.


  5. LOL! These pics are priceless and rather accurate. My little Vivi’s now 18 mos. and we’re going through the same thing… she totally does the hang-on-the-counters thing, as illustrated in the second pic.

    People say to “babyproof” everything, but it’s just not possible. Our daughter runs up and grabs anything she can get her hands on and takes off and runs away–contact lens cases, toothpaste tubes, hair product, giant bottles of mouth wash. It’s hilarious to see though πŸ™‚


  6. I used to say the same. No more baby after my first. But when I had the second child it was so much easier maybe because I was more experienced to handle the baby now. I wouldn’t get all worked up if the baby had a fever for instance.


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