A Kate Spade Friday

kate spadeI have to admit, I’ve been completely neglecting this vibrant red cross-body Kate Spade bag of mine. I promise to give you more love whenever possible! I just wish that you were roomier for all my mommy things. But it’s not your fault as I choose you and not vice versa.

What have you bought on an impulse and have stored it away ever since?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone…


12 thoughts on “A Kate Spade Friday

  1. I think that all of us have some things that we bought but then…. So that’s why I’ve decided that from now on I can only but things that I REALLY need and that I’m going to use..It’s not easy to be so racional when you’re shopping!


    1. WELL…If you are serious about getting it off my hands, then it’s yours!! I’m sure you will put it to use and give it more deserved attention than me. It’ll comfortably fit your phone, wallet, compact & lipstick, and metro ticket 🙂 Perfect for city strolling. I’ve used it 3 times TOPS. It’s in brand new pristine condition, comes with the KS care card & dust bag. Please email me at lezoe2012@gmail.com (I’m going away in a week but can send it out before I leave!). Kellie


  2. Compact cross-body bags are my absolute favorite! Finding a wallet small enough can be a pain, so I normally opt for coin purses or something similar. I recently bought a white Michael Kors cross-body, similar to your Kate Spade, and while I LOVE the stark white, I’m absolutely terrified I’ll get it dirty, so I don’t use it as much as I’d like.


  3. That is such a gorgeous bag-I love the color. Once I bought this long, flowy striped dress thinking I’d wear it “all the time.” Such a waste of money saying that I only put it on ONE TIME! It’s been collecting dust in the back of my closet ever since. Really nice post. Also, if you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d take a peek at my blog!


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