Isn’t just painful that you spend so much money on fresh flowers and they barely last for a week? I don’t care where  you get your blooms; we all face the same problem. Once they begin to wilt, the water starts to smell like mildew so the next logical step is to toss them out, right? Well, the next time you get to that point…HOLD OFF!

I thought of a way that you can actually (stylishly) enjoy your half-wilted blooms and get more for your money. Instead of throwing them out, extend their life by placing them in those cute shopping bags that you often hoard. Yep, we all do it so let’s move on.

Half-wilted (extending a flower's life) by Le Zoe Musings

The shopping bag acts as a ‘vase’ for these almost lifeless flowers. First, dry off the stems. I even suggest to trim the stems to get rid of those yucky rotten ends. If the stems get too short, stuff the bag first with newspaper.  This is such a chic way of showcasing flowers that would otherwise get thrown out.  Not to mention, you are being a very responsible human being and so environmentally friendly by repurposing these bags.

Andddd here are the other nitty-gritty details…

Half-wilted (extending a flower's life)2  by Le Zoe Musings

I am in love with anything coral and orange as of late. Just reminds me of the happy vibrant Spring to come!

Half-wilted (extending a flower's life)3  by Le Zoe MusingsAbsolutely in love with Floss Gloss nail colors (especially this orange cream one in Pony). You can shop the collection HERE.

Anyhow, next time you’re about to chuck those half-wilted blooms, think twice!

Love to hear your thoughts. Please don’t be shy.



10 thoughts on “Half-Wilted

  1. Love this idea and love my designer bags even more! Great tip for if the stems get too short. xx


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