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Let’s be honest. We all own more beauty products than our lips, cheeks, or eyes can handle. A few weeks ago, I did a massive clean out of my makeup drawer and realized that I have far too many unwanted beauty products taking up precious space. These include lipcolors that I know I would NEVER EVER wear or products that I loathe such as loose mineral eyeshadow or blush (sooo messy). Not sure what I was thinking…

I’m not the only person guilty of this, right?!

The brighter side to this madness is that I’m a little obsessed with lip balm. Dry, cracked lips just irk me! I generally moisturize my lips in the morning after showering, at night after washing my face, and about a hundred times throughout the day. It’s not neurotic behavior, I swear. 

So with all these excess beauty products, I’m sure I can create my own tinted lip balm. I mean, they’ll never go to waste…

diy tinted lip balmYou’ve probably seen some versions of this diy floating around the web. They are really sooo easy to make. 

diy tinted lip balm3I made lip balm two ways: one with a lipstick and the other with loose mineral blush. Petroleum jelly acts as the base (who doesn’t own this?)

diy tinted lip balm2Rosebud is my absolute favorite lip balm. 

diy tinted lip balm6diy tinted lip balm7The blending part is easy. Put petroleum jelly and lipcolor/loose mineral blush into a small ziploc bag. Seal the bag. Mix (by rubbing the two products together) on the outside of the bag- your hands will stay clean!

diy tinted lip balm4Once blending is done, snip the edge of the bottom corner and pipe the balm into a small container. 

diy tinted lip balm8So pretty and the colors are  very subtle. 

diy tinted lip balm5

Beauty junkies, clean out your beauty junk drawer and give this easy but fun diy a try. They make great gifts for your loves as well. 

Hope you had a FAB Valentines!


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