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I ADORE Tiffany. Maybe a bit too much. In fact, if you knew who Tiffany was, you’d like her too. Lately, I’ve been on a spring cleaning rampage and Tiffany did me GOOD! She helped me get totally organized. But that’s not all, she got things organized and made them pretty. For me, that’s a very important combination. 

So let me reveal who Tiffany is (you may already know her, she’s actually VERY famous). Actually Tiffany(s) are my shopping bags that I tend to hoard. I’m not the only one guilty of this addictive habit, I’m sure. My husband gives me grief about saving EVERY shopping bag I bring home. I’m the type of person who likes to keep things for the sake of keeping (AKA hoarder). I mean, I even have stacks of discounted X-Mas cards when I don’t even send them out! Well, I’m working on that…

My DIY vision board has been in a state of craziness. It started off nice, simple, clean, and very inspiring. Then it slowly became a storage space for everything from invites, pictures, cards, to receipts. It was kinda driving me insane and completely not eye-pleasing. So I did something that my husband would’ve been proud- made use of my shopping bags! (See hunnie, I told you they were going to be useful… someday!)

organizing with tiffany3

Now that my board has come to life again, I feel like I can breathe better!

organizing with tiffanyEach bag serves as an organizational drawer or compartment. 

organizing with tiffany7This one stores my tiny journals and random pens. 

organizing with tiffany5Remember the gift tag cookies that I made for the holidays? Well, I kept it as a memorabilia. Anyhow, this shopping bag serves as a basket for silk peonies. 

organizing with tiffany2This one is used for my Curly Girl Design notepad, polka dot pencils, and a pair of scissors. Btw, CGD giveaway is going on now! Don’t forget to enter. It ends midnight tomorrow…

organizing with tiffany6There’s even space for sunnies!

organizing with tiffany4Bags were easily hung up with multiple push pins.

organizing with tiffany8Who says being organized can’t be fashionable, fun, and clever?

PS. This should NOT be a reason to go shopping!


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