Sunglass Case & More

A minimalist packer, that’s me. When I travel, I pack only staple items as well as items that don’t take alot of valuable suitcase room i.e, dresses. So instead of two items of clothes (pants + top) you only need that one dress. A pair of jeans will do. Do you really all 50 pairs? Plus, they all look the same from two feet away.

Choose pieces that are versatile and can mingle w/ many outfits. Like a black blazer can be worn down with jeans and a tee or jazz up a dress for that night out. 

So I always find ways to be a neat packer. And I like my stuff easily accessible. This is where the sunglass case comes in. We all have random sunglass / eyeglass cases laying around not doing anything useful. Well, put them to use! They are so great to  store items that need to be protected, small beauty items, accessories or just random loose items. 

Think of all the things you can store in this hard case protector- lipsticks, lipgloss, coins, a spare key, jewelry, ect. 

I LOVE a big statement ring. There are so many affordable options out there. You can get them from stores such as forever 21 or h&m (my fav) for under $6. That’s like getting a daily dose of iced decaf venti non fat dark cherry mocha from starbucks. So a drink that gives you 5 mins. of satisfaction or a glamorous statement ring that you can wear over and over and over? 

Because of their small size, you can throw them in your purse as an everyday use or for when you travel.

I can’t say that I am a minimalist packer for Zoey though. The child needs options. Many options. 

Til next post, Kellie


12 thoughts on “Sunglass Case & More

  1. Great idea! We love to travel light, too- normally, my husband, teenage daughter, and I take 2 suitcases (total) and 1 personal bag (back-pack or small carry-on) (each) for a 2 week overseas trip.
    Thanks for liking my blog post! I look forward to reading more of yours.


  2. Great idea!! I lost one of my favourite sunglasses and it comes in a lovely case. Had no idea what to do with it but this post has totally inspired me to turn it into a mini travel cosmetic case! Thanks 🙂


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