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Blenz Coffee

Similar to Starbucks in the US, Blenz Coffee dominated the streets of Vancouver as the ‘go to’ coffee shop. We frequent this cafe to rest, enjoy a cup of joe, and connect to the web.

Blenz @ Steveston. 

Would LOVE to know how to make art designs on cappuccinos. 

Cappuccino. Forgot to request for decaf. I slightly paid for the mistake. 

Steamed milk w/ extra foam. 

Later, we spotted some cute coffee signs at a nearby knick knack shop. 

Til next post, Kellie



  1. Beautiful shop or maybe it’s just your perspective. I want to go. Vancouver always leads the way in new, upcoming trends in the world of coffee shops!


  2. Hungry Tourist

    Hello, thanks for posting this video, now I know how those fancy frothing were made.


    • wow! Thanks for the video comment. it’s amazing, hopefully one day I can master this art! I can only dream.
      Best, Kellie


      • CAFelegi

        Not a problem! I saw that and immediately thought, “I have to send this to her!” The best of luck to you 🙂


  3. margiewrites

    The cappuccino look amazing, I could almost taste them LOL. Love those coffee signs too. Looks like a fun trip.


  4. Cyn

    Mmmm Blenz and their lovely artistic cappuccinos. Can you tell I miss them? Coffee places are everywhere in Vancouver and surrounding areas as you no doubt discovered. Lovely pics as always. Glad you made it to Steveston too!


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