Decorative Trays, etc.

As you may already know, I LOVE decorative trays. I love their multi-functional uses. Whether you’re utilizing them for organizing small items that tend to get lost or boasting your prized possessions (trendy Chanel polish colors, stylish cuffs, fab mac lipsticks), anything on these trays instantly look like art pieces. 

For me, I love using decorative trays to display personal items. What better ‘art’ pieces than those that are dear to your heart? 

As I often change the pieces around, here was what’s on the tray last week, as seen in my GIVEAWAY post. Btw, did you enter to win that FABULOUS Mid-Century Modern CHAIR? It’s going to transform your space! Don’t miss out!!

Even if Zoey never fits her shoes again, I may keep them for memories’s sake. 

This is my first gray picture frame. I LOVE the antique feel. Meshes well w/ the modern decor. 

Don’t forget the blooms! It’s not the same w/o them. They make the space feel more alive and much prettier. 

You can never fail with candles. They make the room smell good and create a romantic, calming ambiance. Here I use tea light candle holders. 

Yes, she has been mistaken for a boy far too many times! Hopefully, things will change when her hair grows longer. 

Zoey’s silver, glittery Mary Janes. 

I love macro-shots. 

Creating an inviting, eye pleasing nook is so simple and inexpensive. Who doesn’t have books, pictures, baby shoes (ladies, you can use your FAB stilettos), + candles laying around collecting dust?! Put them to use! 

The magic here is having a decorative tray. You can easily find them for under $10. My husband has officially banned me from hoarding more. Yes, I have a hoarding illness. 

Til next post, Kellie


44 thoughts on “Decorative Trays, etc.

  1. I love trays. I love the simplicity of them. I also like frames that are turned into trays just by placing a simple piece of fabric in the frame, and using it to hold items. Simple, yet personal. Beautiful.


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