Traveling the World!

Ever since watching Lord of the Rings and seeing the stunning locations of New Zealand where the trilogy was filmed, visiting this island country has been on my bucket list for the LONGEST time. We actually debated b/w traveling to New Zealand vs. going to Europe for our honeymoon. In the end, we chose Europe b/c we were able to hit Spain, Italy, and France all in one trip.

However, wanting to visit New Zealand hasn’t been lost on me.  What I would do to be in the countryside where the rolling hills live, breathing in the fresh air, and picking wild flowers! Dream, dream, dream…

But now my dream is coming true…well kinda sorta. I’m shipping my first set of artwork order to New Zealand! Since I can’t go (for now), my prints are going for me and I can’t wait for them to finally arrive in their new home and be some sort of inspiration to their new owner!

All packed w/ care and ready to travel the world!

Many thanks to Sarah in Wellington, New Zealand for allowing me to share my passion with you! Sarah has a very cool blog, please click here to see what she’s up to!

To shop my artwork, please go to Le Zoe Scribbles.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


6 thoughts on “Traveling the World!

  1. After being lucky enough to spend 4 weeks in New Zealand, working, touring…(got my 1st tattoo at a Maori village) the land and the people express themselves leaving a permanent impression (not just the tattoo ;)) calling you back to return again and again


  2. New Zealand is a pretty beautiful country, living here means I take it for granted, but on the days when I drive past the lake (Lake Taupo) and see the snow covered mountains over the other side I definitely feel like I live in a little piece of paradise.


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