Flashback Friday: Paris ’13

With this post, I’m taking you back to summer ’13 when we took Zoey to Paris right before her second birthday. I can’t believe how much she’s grown since. Back then, she barely said a word and now she’s  conversing in sentences such as “Mommy, let’s go on a family field trip. Yes or No?” or “Mommy, give me a chocolate sprinkle doughnut surprise pleaseeee. You promise?”

Some of the most memorable moments in Paris has to be our early morning visits to the cafes. It’s intriguing how all the chairs are placed facing the streets. Observing the scene and gazing at people briskly passing by is such a stylish thing to do. For about 10 euros, you can start your morning in the most heavenly way- inhaling the fresh air, sipping lattes, indulging in the flakiest buttery croissants, and taking mental notes of why their women are so Parisian chic!

Flashback Friday 4 by Le Zoe MusingsFlashback Friday 2 by Le Zoe Musings

Flashback Friday 3 by Le Zoe Musings

Flashback Friday by Le Zoe Musings

ZOEY of Le Zoe MusingsWe all need moments like these where we just stop the hustle. Sit still. Actually enjoy what we’re putting into bodies (I often eat lunch at my desk at work). And make room for some down time.

Enjoy your weekend!



18 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Paris ’13

  1. Paris is at the top of my dream sheet. Hubby and I was supposed to get lost there last year but I was preggo with twins. I can’t wait to check Paris off my bucket list but until then I live through your pics 🙂


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