Buffet Table Makeover

Here’s another trash to treasure makeover post…

Our dining room is slowly but surely coming together. There’s this little corner below our DIY chalkboard that has been serving no purpose whatsoever. Well, that is no longer the case as we just added a buffet table to fill the voided space. Nope, not an expensive one- just a thrifted one that we found for about ten bucks or so. Gave it a brand new paint job and voila! Good as new.

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings

The key to shopping used items is realizing the potential of the piece. Yes, it’s probably well loved, beat up, and not so good-lookin’. You have to look past that and imagine what it could be. Here’s how the piece looked originally:


And here’s the before &  after of our dining room corner:

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings Before_After2

Ever since making this diy chalkboard almost one year ago, I’ve not change what’s on it. Having this buffet table inspired me to draw something cute and fun. This was my attempt at drawing a cake stand, cupcake, cherry, and a cup of joe. I plan to write dinner menus on the chalkboard as we complete our dining room transformation and host more dinner parties.

To see how we made this easy DIY chalkboard, please click HERE.

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings 2

Our dining room is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s filled with a ton of natural light.

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings 3

A little cheesy, a little smiley, and a little proud. Can’t beat a ten dollar buffet table!

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings 7

This buffet table is perfect for all the little extras during a dinner party. You know there’s never enough room on the dining table itself for drinks, desserts, and all the extraneous little yummy bites. Problem solved!

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings 5

All of our white hydrangeas from our backyard are turning green. Kinda cool.

Buffet Table Makeover by Le Zoe Musings 6

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little home decor transformation. I will for sure share more of our dining room and other home makeovers soon. If you want to see tidbits of recent home renovation happenings, please follow along on my instagram HERE.

Below are two pics from instagram with some recent reno news:


Happy Wednesday!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings


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