Cranberry Festival 2015 (part 2)

Hope everyone is enjoy your Saturday! Tonight we are going to Boston’s first Christmas tree lighting celebration. We miss it every single year because we are always out of town but luckily we are able to bring the kids to enjoy the festivity this year. I’m excited and can’t wait to see the holiday glow in their eyes. Just loving this time of the year!

Here are more pics of our little family from the Cranberry Festival…

B IMG_0881rp

Although sometimes Zoey will say “Mommy, that’s enough kisses!” It’s never enough. Can’t imagine my life without this little lady. Who was I before I had her?

A IMG_0965rp

The silliest kids ever and Axel with his biggest, cheesiest smile!

E IMG_0859rp

She often say “You’re my true love.” Ditto.

C IMG_1069rp

Enjoy all the precious family time this holiday season. Have a wonderful weekend!

For Cranberry Festival, Part 1- please click HERE.

Instagram news- 1. marking the calendar for a date night with the hubs 2. yesterday’s outfit & a major work collaboration in the making 3. a classic red mani

instagram le zoe musings

‘Til next post!

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