Home Tour: A Swedish Apartment

You know I have a thing or two for Swedish designs. Most of the home tours that I feature here are interior spaces from Sweden. I always fall in love over and over again. Here’s another one that I hope you can gain some decor inspirations from…

Swedish ApartmentSwedish Apartment2Swedish Apartment3Swedish Apartment4Swedish Apartment5Swedish Apartment6Swedish Apartment7Swedish Apartment8Swedish Apartment9Swedish Apartment10Swedish Apartment11Swedish Apartment12Swedish Apartment13Swedish Apartment14Swedish Apartment15Swedish Apartment16Swedish Apartment17Swedish Apartment18Swedish Apartment19Swedish Apartment20Swedish Apartment21Swedish Apartment22Swedish Apartment23Swedish Apartment24Swedish Apartment25Swedish Apartment26Swedish Apartment27Swedish Apartment28Swedish Apartment29Swedish Apartment30Swedish Apartment31Swedish Apartment32Swedish Apartment33Swedish Apartment34Swedish Apartment35Swedish Apartment36Swedish Apartment37Swedish Apartment38Swedish Apartment39Swedish Apartment40Swedish Apartment41Swedish Apartment42Swedish Apartment43Swedish Apartment44Swedish Apartment45Swedish Apartment46Swedish Apartment47Swedish Apartment48

Via, photos by Anders Bergstedt.

In Instagram news- 1. I can’t handle this terrible two of a guy sometimes! 2. Yesterday’s all-white ensemble. 3. Made watermelon, strawberry + lemon balm popsicles. 4. This morning’s coffee scene. #bostonharbor. 

Instagram by Le Zoe Musings

Live life beautifully and have a wonderful Wednesday!


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