Fried Everything!

Yesterday night was one of those nights. I was desperately craving fried foods. Everything fried!

This heaping plate of fried goodness consisted of shrimp, onion rings, banana peppers, + eggplant. 

Since I was on a roll with the unhealthiness, I also baked some cornbread with dried cranberries and pecans. Well, this wasn’t too unhealthy, I had my servings of fruits and nuts! 

My husband was over this fried extravaganza before it even started. I was done w/ it when there were 2 pieces left. I was so fried out- no more fried foods for the next week. 

But perhaps, if you offer me Popeyes, that’s a different story!

Til next post, Kellie


8 thoughts on “Fried Everything!

  1. WOW! I’ve never seen so many fried items.. when, I was in college, my friends and I loved making fried Jalepenos with cream cheese inside (Jalepeno Poppers) – it went nicely with a bottle of spiced ginger ale.. mmmm, I think your post has inspired me to make some fried food of my own. I’m really enjoying your posts – your pictures are always so artistic, love all the colors!


  2. That is one AWESOME post! I limit my fried intake to the weekends and then only one item (usually french fries!). Your choices are so much better……and the cornbread is my favorite. With the cranberry and nut additions it takes it to an whole other level of deliciousness! Thanks for the pictures (I Hugs, Doreen


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