Paris { Je T’aime } 3

This post is long overdue and now I am finally able to finish the last of the 3 parts of Paris as promised. To read the first part, click here and for the 2nd, click here

On the last day, we went to this HUGE, amazing park in Paris. I’m sure it’s famous but I don’t know the name of it. It was almost magical. The weather was perfect and the people there were just so relaxed, enjoying life as we all should. There was a painting class going on and students brought out their easels to paint. Painting in the park, what a life. Since I live right next to a park, I swear to my husband that I was going to do that when we get home. It’s been over 2 yrs and that hasn’t happened, yet!

Restaurants often have a prix fixe menu called ‘formule’ on a chalkboard in front. For 19 euros, you get a 3 + course meal. Not bad. 

Paris was where I first experience ginormous herb butter escargots. So delish! I replicated a similar version here

At the train station waiting for a ride out to the country side. 

A full 30 min. ride. Nice break. 

And of course, how can I possibly forget the infamous Eiffel Tower?! We were rushing against time (our flight back was probably just a few hrs. away) but we HAD to visit this famous landmark. 

Picture w/ the Eiffel Tower. CHECKED off the bucket list. 

I am yearning to go back and bring Zoey. Us girls will have such a fabulous time and daddy can do all the picture taking. How about that?!

Til next post, Kellie


9 thoughts on “Paris { Je T’aime } 3

  1. hi Kellie! Thanks for your likes! the park you went to looks like the Tuileries! I miss Paris very much now that I’m abroad so it’s good to look at your pics and see Paris through someone else’s eyes!


  2. LOVE the Eiffel Tower pictures…they are all beautiful, but come on..! Sighing with envy. Thanks for sharing.


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