Sunset At The Pier

Several weeks ago, we took a trip to CA and stopped by Seal Beach. A family friendly beach with gorgeous views of both land and water from the pier. It was a perfect evening for sunset watching as the weather was definitely on our side.

She often holds the phone and have a good 5 min conversation w/ herself. Not sure if she thinks someone is listening on the other side. And she always hold the phone backwards! This is what Ms. Busy Z is up to nowadays.

Going through these pictures were so nostalgic for me. The best times were always the ones spent w/ loved ones. It’s not so much what we did, where we went, but rather who we spent the times with. So thankful to be surrounded by a loving husband & child and my HUGE family (parents, 8 brothers & sisters, 3 nephews)! This is exactly why the holidays are soooo AMAZING!!

I hope that you are always surrounded by YOUR loved ones.


20 thoughts on “Sunset At The Pier

  1. Ms. Zoey looks like my first 9-month old daughter, Hiro! I’m so amazed to see how Ms. Zoey blooms…it gives me the excitement to see how my daughter will grow too. I’ll post some of Hiro’s photos on my site too. i’ll make a blog about this. I’m such a fan of your blog site. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! Your comment is so sweet. Hiro is such an adorable name. I’m the same way, I like to see how other babies grow so I know what to look forward to w/ Zoey (of course all babies are not the same but it’s still fun seeing other kids grow too). They do grow too fast, don’t they?! Would love to see updates of Hiro on your site. Have a great holiday! Best, Kellie


  2. Beautiful pictures ❤ love the light of the Sun when its rising/setting.



  3. Kellie – your blog is cranking! so popular and always a pleasure to look at xx beautoful pictures and so nice to see the adventures you and little Z go on 🙂


  4. Some really amazing pics yet again. Your daughter is just beautiful, it must be bitter sweet watching her grow up.


  5. Beautiful pictures. I think I used to do something similar with the phone when I was little, except it was a corded one back then.


  6. Wow, very nice photos! I like the way you captured the color of the evening sun on the face of your beautiful daughter. great.


  7. You & your hubs always take a beautiful photos. And Ms. Z is really pretty now! But what really caught my attention is your beautiful lacy top. I love it. Best wishes to you and your family.


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