Breakfast On The Balcony

While in Marco Island, my sister made the most perfect breakfast one morning. She went to the market early and grabbed a few ingredients. Next thing I know, breakfast (for two) was served on the balcony…with a beach view!

perfect breakfast3perfect breakfast5Our magnificent view!

perfect breakfastperfect breakfast6perfect breakfast2perfect breakfast7perfect breakfast4Before heading to the island, we packed some freshly made apple juice that Uncle Larry prepared for us.

perfect breakfast8Thanks for stopping by!



25 thoughts on “Breakfast On The Balcony

  1. How cute πŸ˜‰ You remind me of my lil sister. When she is around, she always surprises me with breakfast either in bed or in our balcony. Sisters are such a blessing apart from the times they steal your shoes to go out and come back with one broken heel πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh dear Zoey, hope she’s 100% now. Each time you put photos of Marco Island, it just makes me can’t wait for summer to come!


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