Butter Break

Happy Wednesday! With this post, I’m taking you into my dining room where some butter break action was happening. Ok, so what the heck is a ‘butter break’? It’s kinda like afternoon tea but instead of the petite pastries and teas being the highlight of the show, it’s actually the butter! Who doesn’t loveeee butter?!

Butter Break_Le Zoe Musings

If it were up to Zoey, she would just consume a block of butter by itself. Yep, with the kind of butter that we’ve been treating ourselves to lately, it’s that type that you can eat straight up! But mother knows best and no matter how tasty or tempting something is, I’ll advise her that moderation is key…

Butter Break_Le Zoe Musings 2
If you haven’t heard of Finlandia butter, you should really give it a try. Nowadays, it’s important that we know where our food is coming from so here’s a little tidbit about Finlandia butter: “It’s imported from Finland (known for its lush green pastures + more than 100,000 clean lakes). The cows are raised on family owned farms. Finlandia Butter starts with pure milk from small Finnish family-owned farms where the cows are treated humanely and not given rBST or other artificial growth hormones. The pure fresh milk is churned with artful perfection to create a delicious flavor and texture.

And you can really taste the difference. We love our Finlandia butter on just about anything but especially on raisin bread! Please click HERE to learn more about Finlandia butter and where it’s available locally.

Butter Break_Le Zoe Musings 3

Oh, and a little slice of lemon meringue pie wouldn’t hurt!

Dining room_Le Zoe Musings

After all the hustle & bustle that we go through each day, it’s nice to treat yourself to a little yummy time with tea, pies, warm breads, and some butter!


On a side note, if you are loving the chalkboard, it’s a DIY. Please click HERE to see how we turned a few pieces of scrap case mouldings into this gorgeous gold chalkboard. Have a wonderful day!

Kellie of Le Zoe Musings_Signature bw


15 thoughts on “Butter Break

  1. Your home and your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love all the light you have access to. And the different textures in your dining room. And of course, butter on toast, can’t go wrong there.


  2. Butter but of course! It’s the perfect delivery device for all great butter! My day starts out with Bulletproof Coffee which is coffee, 1 pat of grass fed butter, and a splash of cream! So we are kindred sisters when it comes to butter! As a chef it’s my number one favorite ingredient! Next week check out the 4-course wine paired dinner on our new blog 2chefsandawineguy.com. There is a killer chocolate cherry tart in this post that of course uses butter!


  3. I need no reason to eat butter. It makes me happy. Right now I use a French sea-salt butter, ever since my visit there. Looks like I need to try another. lol. Thanks for sharing. Finlandia it is!


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