Clear Coffee Tables

As you may already know, we are in the midst of redesigning our living space. The next step is to find that perfect coffee table. At first, we were pretty set on getting a storage ottoman for its multifunctional usage (coffee table + storage bin for Z’s toys + additional seating when needed).

(something like the image below, but w/ storage and not in pink!)


Now, I’ve had a change of heart. Since our city condo doesn’t boast the square footage like those in the suburbs, we have to carefully evaluate each newly acquired furniture piece. Is it both functional and stylish?Β  And more importantly, will it compete for space or w/ the main decor pieces? This is something that we don’t want to happen.

So after browsing the web for ideas, I’ve found the PERFECT type of coffee table! We are going CLEAR. YEP! They’re not bulky, so won’t take up too much room. Plus, their transparency feature will actually help maximize the space. A look at how clear coffee tables can adorn your home:


via Β My goodness, I NEED those chairs!!


And here are my options:

Which one is your favorite?

I must say, I almost instantly fell in LOVE w/ the Deena for several reasons. First, it doesn’t have sharp corners (safer for Zoey to prance around). Secondly, there are designated storage for magazines/books. And if I really wanted to, I can add a tiny decorative table underneath for extra storage. AND, it’s 50% OFF! How about that?!

And here’s how MY clear table looks in a living area, via. Yes, it’s mine now, b/c what I lust, the hubs will get. He loves me MUCH!

Would you consider a clear coffee table? Please share!Β 

All images can be found on my pinterest board, Abode. Follow me for never ending, drool-worthy design inspirations!

Happy FRIDAY!!


18 thoughts on “Clear Coffee Tables

  1. My dad has a clear table, and whilst it looks fab I do have a tendency to walk into it! My advice, always keep something on it’s surface (coffee table book?) so people know it’s there πŸ™‚


  2. Great choice! You can never go wrong with clear tables! I have two girls so having the right furniture that not only looks good but is safe is most important!


  3. I was also considering a clear coffee table for the longest time for my Brooklyn apartment. My only problem is that the can show scratches quite easily and my beau is ultra paranoid about that!!


  4. I love a clear coffee table. Does not visually grab all the space in the middle of the room. I have a Noguchi and love it. You made a nice choice. Enjoy!


  5. I like the Deena one most for the same reasons as you. Besides the fact it’s on sale cause that I didn’t know about ;). But it just makes it more attractive! Enjoy designing!


  6. Oh, the one you picked is my favorite, I think it is the curves, it is so modern but the curves tone it down a bit. I also like the magazine storage. I would definitely get a clear coffee table, side table, console table, chairs. I love them.


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