Love Note Nails

If you are planning to go on a Valentine’s date, don’t forget about them digits! Here’s a very sweet and simple nail tutorial. I call these Love Note Nails because the words from the newspaper kinda sorta look like little love notes on your nails (if you stretch your imagination).

Love Note Nails by Le Zoe Musings

Basically, you are transferring the print from the newspaper to your nails. It’s very easy- alcohol is your friend in this case. No- I mean rubbing alcohol not the kind that would cause mental hallucinations.

Love Note Nails2 by Le Zoe MusingsHow Tres Chic?! Below’s the easy peasy pictorial…

Love Note Nails3 by Le Zoe MusingsI thought about using a very pale gray polish but since it’s Valentine’s related, I stuck with the soft pinks. Off white nail colors would work very well too. When applying top coat, be gentle as you don’t want to smudge the ink. Also, if any ink gets on your skin, just wash with soap once nails are dry. A little side note: you can also dip your fingers in alcohol instead of dipping the newspaper directly. It’ll work just as well.

Love Note Nails4 by Le Zoe MusingsLet me know what you think!

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Have a great one.



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