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Outdoor Celebrations

Nightfall is approaching sooner and Summer days are winding down so if you’ve ever dreamed of hosting an outdoor celebration, now is the time. My husband and I often have conversations about how Summer is passing by so fast and all the things that we… Read More

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DIY 2 Tier Cake Stands

Ever since I discovered how to make dessert/jewelry stands (as seen in this post) on a dime, I’ve been a little obsessed with them. Then comes my sister’s wedding… It was just the perfect opportunity for me utilize my DIY cake stand-making skillzzz.  This 2… Read More

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Wedding Sneak Peek!

We had an amazing time at my sister’s wedding! The night was like a roller coaster, lots of emotional moments filled with tears and many laugh-worthy highlights. We worked so hard to pull everything together – up to the very last second. I was running… Read More

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The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

WOW. My sister’s wedding is approaching SOON! We are all so excited. We haven’t finalized how her bouquet will look like yet but it’s going to be pretty and chic. Planning a wedding? Here are some wedding bouquets to give you some ideas. Round up… Read More

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Teal Weddings

Brides-to-be, have you ever considered a teal wedding? The color is so soft, romantic, and can be breathless if done correctly. My sister’s upcoming wedding will not boast this color palette but that doesn’t mean I can’t swoon ALL over it. Here are some inspirational… Read More

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Zoey As A Flower Girl!

My sister is getting married in March and Ms. Zoey will be her flower girl! I’m super excited about that! I REALLY want her to wear a super duper VOLUMINOUS tutu as part of her ensemble. Currently, I am looking for some inspirations for Z’s… Read More

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Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes has been so trendy for many yrs now and the craze is still going strong. Nowadays, you’ll find them more and more at weddings in place of wedding cakes. I remember for my wedding of 500+ guests, we actually forgot to cut our cake… Read More

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A Dallas Wedding

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Ours was a blast!! We had so much fun spending time w/ families & friends although it was equally tiresome b/c we jammed everything that we wanted to do in 2 short days! Woke up at 4am today to… Read More